• Are you threatened or beaten?
  • Have you been given wrong promises about life in Germany concerning work, income etc.?
  • Have you been forced into prostitution?
  • Are you forced to work without payment?
  • Do you have to pay back debts for your travel to Germany or for documents (passport, visa)?

We offer you free counselling and support:

  • Advice and counselling
  • Information about your rights
  • Organizing a safe place to stay
  • Meeting your basic needs by providing essential goods such as food, clothing, hygiene articles
  • Setting up meetings with lawyers and doctors on your request
  • Cooperating with police officers and embassies on your request
  • Support in criminal or civil court processing
  • Finding a perspective in Germany or by arranging your journey to your country of origin

Brochure: An informed person is a protected one

Information leaflet: rights of victims in criminal proceedings

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